On November 3rd 2017 we completed our Anywhere Everyday Tour where we played one show everyday for a year. We wanted to try an experiment that would hopefully change our perspective on what it meant to be musicians, performers and songwriters. What ended up happening was so much more than we ever could have imagined. The people we have met, the places we have performed and the experiences we have had on the tour will forever change the way we will live our lives as artists, musicians and people. During the tour we performed throughout the US, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Holland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Ireland, Poland and Iceland. We had the opportunity to support artists like LP, Bear’s Den, Jack Johnson, Caamp and Picture This as well as showcase at festivals like SXSW, REI Outessa and the Sundance Film Festival. Wanting to take our performance out of it’s original context we began to perform in places where people weren’t expecting music. Whether it was a lunchtime show for TSA agents at the JFK airport, arborists in Omaha cutting down trees, or a flock of ladies in a hair salon in the East Village, we began to transform seemingly mundane situations into places where performance and music could and should exist. These shows began to open up conversations between us and an audience that wouldn’t be possible in a traditional venue atmosphere and became a huge source of inspiration for us throughout the year. During the tour we recorded our forthcoming music in unique places wherever we happened to be. (A villa in Sweden, an eighteenth century church in London, backstage in Latvia, a farm in Upstate NY and a garage in Los Angeles). Along with new music we have been working with film producers to create a documentary about the tour. In 2015, we self-released our EP, "This Is What's Left." Recorded in Denmark, the EP was featured on Spotify's Pulse of Americana Playlist and has been heard on BBC, KCRW, KCSN, WXPN and KGSR. That's all for now. New Music is on its way. - Jim and Sam

"Their songs are impeccably written, structured, and arranged. They’re also so very pretty, and incredibly catchy; earworms in the best possible way."
Marion Hodges, KCRW MUSIC BLOG

“Only equipped with an acoustic guitar, a storm-mounted microphone that takes up all the sounds and two amazing voices, they succeed in catching the audience's attention from the first chord. It's as if people hardly dare breathe under the songs to not break the mood and the question is if it's ever been as quiet in the usually quite messy Press Hall. This is what music is all about. Honest simplicity, two fantastic voices in tight harmonies, one acoustic guitar.”
Pierre Eriksson, REFUG SWEDEN

"Perhaps more intriguing is opener Jim and Sam whose sound is positioned somewhere in the bluegrassy knoll. The L.A. folk sweethearts are bound to break out with their Simon and Garfunkel meets Serge and Brigitte vibe (just scope their website for Chrissake)"
James Walmsley, THE READER

"Keeping, yes, almost increasing, the intensity when you calm down the tempo of a song is a tough art and not all of them lost. Jim and Sam are nothing but completely phenomenal at just that ... Their two voices complement each other so incredibly well and they fill in, duel and merge into each other, as it would be obvious. Jim companys effectively on his acoustic guitar, sometimes sparse and sometimes expressive so you think all strings can go at the same time ...They stand close to each other on the stage, often face each other and they sing so nicely and varied, move diligently and look at each other with such obvious love and warmth that it is like an invisible frame of blooming around them ... This is how music should always be experienced, and it's this kind of meeting between artist and audience should always be ... (Translated from Swedish)

"Their voices are intertwined into one unit and it is beautiful and beautiful...I think of Buckingham Nicks (before joining Fleetwood Mac), especially because I think Jim's voice reminds a little of Lindsey Buckingham's. Even his empathy and movement pattern when playing a guitar has a certain resemblance…. Both Sam and Jim live in the music and get full. Often it is low-key and crisp, but occasionally they stamp the beat in the floor and raise the tempo. Their midnight nose has a lot of humor and they have a glimpse of the eye." (Translated from Swedish)

"Armed simply with a guitar, the folk duo’s haunting harmonies filled our library, both unaffected and enchanting at once. The six-song set mixed catchy melodies with harmonic odes to relationships and friends long gone."

"The LA based duo of Jim & Sam are to put it simply, wonderful musicians. Not only that, they’re bloody hard workers too. How exactly do we know that? Well, they’re currently embarking on their biggest project yet: The Anywhere Everyday Tour, setting them the challenge of playing a live show every day for an entire year! And in fact, their live performances are an enthralling and captivating experience, driven by their catchy folk tunes and beautiful vocal harmonies."

"The duo, Jim and Sam, are folky with beautiful harmonies and have the best on-stage banter....I'd recommend a song but I literally love all of them (though I dare you not to get "My Body My Bones" stuck in your head)."

"They haven’t shown any signs of backing down from this challenge, though, and Monday night’s show was a prime example. As they glided effortlessly between performing and striking up witty conversations with the crowd, it certainly didn’t seem like performing for the previous seven consecutive weeks had put a damper on their energy. Towards the end of the show, it became evident that Jim and Sam began this tour out of a genuine yearning for adventure. Between reconnecting with old friends, collaborating with new musicians and simply getting to meet new faces along the way, it has already developed into a very memorable and inspiring tour, and their show reflected this perfectly."

"It’s a personal sound, one that invites many ears in with a strong touch on pop songwriting. The classic nature of “Technicolor Lights” livens Jim & Sam’s songwriting - it’s nice to hear the normally minimal pair fatten their sound with percussion and horns. Beyond the catchy overtone of Jim & Sam’s music are tones of country, rock and straight folk, ready for a campfire or festival stage."

"You played in my nail salon on Main Street in Santa Monica a few weeks ago - beautifully unexpected and you two are so extraordinary - thank for the the joy and looking forward to following your next adventures."



On November 3rd, 2017 Jim and Sam completed The Anywhere Everyday Tour where they played one show every day for a year.

Stay tuned for 2018 dates.


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